The adventure begins!

18 Sep
Condemned building being razed

When you or Cleveland are in flux...

Sometimes one’s surroundings are less than inspiring. And those surroundings might be outside your window, or inside your head. Whether the pundits want to define it this way or not, we’re in the New Depression (and no, I don’t think it’s the President’s fault). Bemoaning our situation doesn’t make it better–but action will. Unfortunately, most of us don’t want to believe things have changed and that we have to change to meet them. Check the interest on your credit card, and the new info that reveals how much that interest mounts up to in only a year–yikes! Circumstances and bad choices tumbled me from a comfortable lifestyle that enjoyed frequent indulgences to a situation that was starting to feel desperate, despite a good job. So I took some steps and now have less daily worry, which is a lovely situation. But that’s not Living (with the capital L). My parents both grew up through the Great Depression, but their lives still had some Great (not an accidental G) moments. And they’re still able to indulge themselves when they want to. Let’s not be victims of the economy–let’s take some responsibility. But the responsibility doesn’t just mean pulling our ostrich heads out of the sand (I understand they don’t really do that, but why spoil a perfectly good cliche?), it means taking responsibility for making Lives for ourselves and others. How can we be thrifty and still enjoy, both on an everyday basis and big-picture wise? Join me in keeping life an adventure, improving Cleveland, and thriving in every way–creatively, joyfully celebrate what life has to offer, even when our pockets are flat.  There’s no reason to feel depressed in the New Depression. Let’s live extraordinarily! I’ll be noting things that run the gamut of household savings, fun low-budget outings, mind cultivation, car-free living, etc., and hope you’ll join in.


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