A Challenge! $25 for a week’s worth of tasty food in Cleveland–no coupons

26 Sep

Perhaps not C.B Nickras's actual gauntlet

Still working out the details of the parameters, but the self-avowed cheapskate (yet lover of good living) @cbnickras has thrown down her gauntlet and challenged me to a $25 grocery week (no coupons!). Can I produce meals that not only supply necessary energy, but please (at least my) palate? I believe I can! She didn’t say leftovers were verboten, and I await clarification as to whether I actually have to go to the store with $25 and get everything from scratch, or whether I can calculate the percentage price of an item used (one roll out of a package of six, for example). If it’s the latter, oh boy! Tuck your napkins in!

And in the spirit of the New Depression, later today there will be an entry about the old one–the Great Depression. Hoping for a food-related tidbit? My mom worked in my gr

andparents’ restaurant during the depression, and some would order just a cup of hot water–then turn it into “tomato soup” with a dash or two of ketchup when they thought no one was looking. I promise our $25 menus won’t stoop to that level!


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