Day Two of the $25/wk challenge

28 Sep

Breakfast–94 cents

I began the morning with iced tea (two cents) and half a papaya drizzled with lime juice –so good, infusing a tropical feel into the day. The papaya was very small, purchased from Dave’s for $1.00. Factoring in the lime juice, I’d say that was 52 cents. Then a bowl of my old faithful Rice Chex, as per yesterday, working out to 40 cents. I was working feverishly last night till one am, so I got up later than usual, and held breakfast at that, since lunch wasn’t far away. Light breakfast, 94 cents.

The pilgrims had their vision of a cornucopia, I have mine.

Lunch $1.30

The Bon Vivant always feels there’s something festive about firing up the grill, so fired up it was! I didn’t include the cost of charcoal, since I don’t factor in the electricity for stove or toaster. Why bother with a grill for one person, you say? Oh, you grill for the week! Put your burgers and hot dogs all on, and there’s no need to do more than pop one in the microwave from the fridge–a minute revives its delicious smoky taste. Now, I always get ground sirloin for burgers, and that’s certainly pricier than chuck. It was about $2 per packet; I bought 2, and made three burgers, one of which I ate for lunch. So, $1 for the grilled sirloinburger, and 28 cents for a Dave’s hamburger bun. I added some ketchup, but I felt that was like spices–I don’t need much and I had it, so not calculating. Since I had it so close to breakfast, I didn’t want anything else but more iced tea at 2 cents. Light lunch, $1.30.

Dinner $2.16

I dashed to Oberlin for the afternoon with my pal Miss D, and came home a little more peckish, though not really hungry today. I’m thinking that counting pennies this way is working better for me than counting calories! I may drop a few pounds, because I feel like I’m winning a challenge, rather than depriving myself…hmmm, perhaps a best-selling diet book in the works. I had been thinking of trying an all-chopsticks diet, whereby one is forced (unless having practiced from infancy) to eat more slowly, but this might work, too. I heated two of the hot dogs from the earlier cookout. I prefer Ball Park beef franks, and I like to split them down the middle before grilling–a fine, smoky taste throughout, though they do get exuberantly curly. Two of them! At Dave’s Market, a pack of eight cost me $3.89, so two hot dogs=98 cents, with two of Dave’s hot dog buns coming to 56 cents. More iced tea–love that caffeine–for 2 cents more. But could I really have a picnic-like day without chips? I had stopped at Target, where Lay’s were still “on sale”–ha!–for $3 for the “family” size (a family of size zero members, perhaps)–I won’t boycott at $3 or under, though I might grumble. My amount of chips equaled about 60 cents. Dinner’s cost? $2.16.

Day’s total? $4.40. Tally so far? $8.72. Again, at this rate I’ll be over $25, so I must be judicious. On the other hand, I will be going to the West Side Market on Friday–not only will this fill my fruit and veg basket, but I may find some other bargains and/or treats, and take plenty of photos to remind you of its wonders.

Now, was today a disappointing day for you? Just simple American fare, without the spicy joys of jerk chicken or Nigerian stew? Fear not! There will be some culinary semi-delights ahead, including some perky left-overs and baked dishes.


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