Day 3–what’s cooking, Challenge?

29 Sep

Best mozzarella in the whole wide world? No. But despite Photoshop's plasticizing filter, it doesn't taste like plastic, either. Best melted.

Day 3 of the $25/wk’s worth of good eating for one, courtesy @cb nickras.

Breakfast $1.71

Peach (sigh. the last one). See calculations on Day One. 81 cents

English muffin. See calculations on Day One. 28 cents

3 slices turkey bacon. I went with Oscar Mayer, a packet of about 20 slices at Dave’s Market went for $3.99. Let’s round up and say my bacon was 60 cents.

Iced tea, despite the chill in the air. See Day One calculations. 2 cents

Fortifying breakfast: $1.71

Lunch 99 cents

Warmed up grilled hot dog. See calculations Day Two. 49 cents.

Dave’s hot dog bun. See calculations Day Two. 28 cents.

A banana from Dave’s; I bought three @54 cents/lb., and my one worked out to 22 cents.

Waterfree from the tap

Lunch? Cheapest so far! But this 99 cent lunch was filling, the dawg retaining its delicious off-the-grill smokiness, and the banana made it filling (and virtuously supplied potassium!)

Dinner $2.98

I was a little damp from the evening rain, so I wanted something a bit heartier. Pizza burgers! A fave. Here’s the recipe–a meal that’s at most a half hour to prepare:

Brown ground beef (I used ground sirloin; this works with a pound of beef or a little under) with a little salt, but only brown it, don’t cook till hard. Add a small can of tomato paste, Contadina or Hunt’s–I use the Contadina original–and add one tablespoon of oregano and a 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder. Let it simmer on low (no water!) after thoroughly stirring for about 15 minutes–long enough to prepare the rest of the meal. Ready some Thomas’s English muffins on the broiler, and get out some slices of mozzarella cheese. Create big (but thin) onion slices. Make a salad! By this time you’re ready to go. Spoon the meat mixture on the bottom half of a muffin, leaving the “lid” aside on the broiler. Place your onion, then your cheese slice, on top, and under the broiler it goes! Don’t shut the door; keep an eye on it. When the cheese bubbles and begins to turn brown, they’re ready. This should produce six or more pizzaburgers, depending on how much meat you pile on. If you’re only eating one, put the mix aside for future meals within the week or freeze it. If in the fridge, and it’s time for another meal, spoon it onto the Thomas’s bottom, but don’t put the lid in the broiler yet, nor should you plop on the onion and cheese. Give it a little time under the broiler first, so your meat heats up. Then proceed as before.  Based on the muffin, tomato paste, meat, slice of onion and cheese, my estimate for one pizzaburger is $1.38. I had some Lay’s potato chips, about 60 cents worth, and the rest of my green salad with dressing–about $1.  Water to accompany. Dinner total $2.98.

Day’s total? $5.68! Yikes! An unintentional splurge day. But both filling and full of fresh fruit and vegetables. However, tomorrow’s trip to the market must be judicious, as should the long weekend (I have four days at home), or I shall not meet the Challenge! The running total is now $14.40–I’m over half the budget but not halfway through the week! Vigilance must be my watchword.


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