Day Four of the $25/wk menu challenge!

30 Sep

Alas, the Thrifty Bon Vivant is feeling neither bonne, nor full of the joie de vivre that would make her vivante. No, it was a rainy, nasty day in Cleveland. The day that began with an excellent plan of going to the West Side Market and to Dave’s Supermarket was underway, when the plan was aborted. It’s hard to stand at a bus stop for twelve minutes and watch your umbrella turn inside out five times. When returning, tail dragging, two cars attempted to run me over (I had the light to cross, and it WAS RAINING–nothing wrong with visibility, however). I was making this trip for you, dear thrifty ones, to have a lovely feature on the market, a this-day fruit and veg comparison with Daves, and then top it off with my first trip to the Habitat Store for a report. But it was not to be (rather, it IS to be, just not today).

Made by elves, naturally better.

Upon my return, I had emails from work that meant extra tasks on what I thought was a finished job, and it is only now that equilibrium is slowly returning, aided by Florence and the Machine in the background. My dream was to gather ingredients for fantastic weekend meals, enough to make @cbnickras to lick her chops and through away her beans and split peas! However, I will insert future economical meals that are super-tasty. For now, it will be what is already available. Perhaps the Market on Monday.

Breakfast $1.12

Plum was 54 cents, and iced tea from scratch was 2 cents. I would have had some other breadish product, but I was afraid the still-fresh Dave’s hot dog buns might get moldy soon, so I ate two for breakfast–56 cents. Breakfast just $1.12

Lunch 53 cents

Would it truly be a frugal attempt without peanut butter? Decided on ten little peanut butter squares, using Zesta Original Saltines by Keebler. By far, these are the best saltines on the planet–Nabisco tastes stale to me, no matter how fresh. Dave’s Market sells Zesta, but they’re not shelved next to the other crackers, so you might miss them; Walmart also carries them. I brought mine with me from the East Coast; they were on sale and cost me $1.79. The package comes with 160 crackers. I had ten, just over a penny a piece; let’s call it a total of 11 cents. The peanut butter was Jif’s smooth–I had just a dollop on each cracker. I’d estimate it at 20 cents at most. Bananas always taste great with peanut butter; this was the last of my Dave’s bananas for 22 cents. Water to drink. Total? A thrifty 53 cents! Unbelievable! I may be back in the game after my daily totals had crept up.

Dinner $1.24

Now, all of this light was before I tried my rainy excursion. Dinner required comfort food! Straight back to pasta with the hot Nigerian “stew”/sauce, calculated on Day One of the challenge. $1.24 in all.


So the day’s total was a whopping $2.89, for a running weekly total so far of $17.29. I’m back in the running, baby! But I’ll do something more interesting this weekend, I promise. A lovely from-scratch tasty dish for the beginning of Fall.


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