Rounding the Post–Day 6 of the $25/wk challenge

2 Oct

After today, one more day left! It’s looking possible, though it won’t be a cakewalk, by any means.

Breakfast 33 cents

Out of fruit till the possible market foray tomorrow! So, back to the peanut butter crackers. Ten Zestas for breakfast, like yesterday, for 31 cents, plus iced tea at 2 cents, for a total of 33 cents.

Lunch 17 cents

Had Lipton’s Ring O’Noodle Chicken Soup, with a few hot pepper flakes shaken in. I wasn’t feeling too great, and didn’t want more. 17 cents, plus free water.

If the bun isn't Amoroso's, it's not a true Philly--and the chips should be Herr's

Dinner $2.91

Felt better and a little homesick, and needed a Philly cheesesteak! The closest commercial substitute in Cleveland is at Penn Station; mushrooms are NEVER the norm on a cheesesteak, whatever misinformation Ohio has been given.  The biggest difference is the bun–without Amoroso’s, it’s never quite the same. For my grocery-made substitute, I just use Italian sub rolls. They come 8 to a packet at $2.99, so one was 37 cents. I used the frozen SteakUmms, which were $4.69 for seven steaks; I used two, so $1.34 for the meat, which you throw into the pan at the same time as the sliced onions–the grease cooks the onions, which amounted to about 20 cents. You cook the meat, then neaten it into a portion and lay on the sliced mozzarella (it was on sale for 2 packets/$5; about 40 cents), then put a lid on the pan and it melts in less than a minute. Deftly scoop it onto the roll, and shake out some chips (see earlier posts) at about 60 cents. Water to drink. Total $2.91.

Day’s total? $3.41, weekly total now at $23.41. That leaves me very little for tomorrow! Uh oh…….stay tuned.


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